The most complete Phalcon Framework IDE stubs library which enables autocompletion in modern IDEs.

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This repo provides the most complete Phalcon Framework stubs which enables autocompletion in modern IDEs.

Installing via Composer

composer require --dev phalcon/ide-stubs

Installing via Git

  1. Clone the Phalcon IDE Stubs repository in a common location.
  2. Setup your IDE.

Read before create PR with fix

All stubs are generated from cphalcon project via Zephir stubs.
Please find the problem inside Phalcon's Zephir code and submit pull request with fix here.

How to update stubs

  1. Generate stubs inside cphalcon project
php zephir.phar fullclean
php zephir.phar generate
php zephir.phar stubs
  1. Replace .zep inside generated .php files
find ide/ -type f -exec rename 's/\.zep//' '{}' \;
  1. Mass fix code style
# Pick latest .phar from here:
php phpcbf.phar --standard=PSR12 src
  1. Copy all files from ide/%version%/Phalcon/ folder in cphalcon project
  2. Paste inside src/ folder in ide-stubs project


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Phalcon IDE Stubs is open-sourced software licensed under the New BSD License. © Phalcon Framework Team and contributors.