RATP SDK - Retrieve schedules for any given RER (train), Metro, or Tramway stop in real time. The RATP is a public transport operator based in Paris, France.

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Retrieve real time schedules for any given RER (train), Metro, Tramway or Bus stop in real time.

You hate SOAP protocol and want to use the official RATP API? Welcome here.

BEWARE : WSDL contains some "frenglish" such as documentation.


This README file is also available in french.


  • Access to the RATP API (see here)
  • PHP >= 5.6
  • Package php-soap (ext-soap extension)


composer require pgrimaud/horaires-ratp-sdk

Basic usage

Get all stations of a line.

use Ratp\Api;

$reseau = new \Ratp\Reseau();

$line = new \Ratp\Line();

$station = new \Ratp\Station();

$stations = new \Ratp\Stations($station);

$api = new Api();

$return = $api->getStations($stations)->getReturn();

foreach ($return->getStations() as $station) {
    /** @var \Ratp\Station $station */
    echo $station->getName() . "\n";

You can see more examples here.

TODO (but la flemme)

  • Unit tests


This project is not affiliated with or endorsed by the RATP.


Licensed under the terms of the MIT License.