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4.2 2022-03-12 16:04 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-14 02:58:01 UTC


Elgg 4.0

A tool for scraping, caching and embedding remote resources.


  • Scrapes URLs and turns them in responsive preview cards
  • Aggressive caching of scraped resources for enhanced performance
  • Linkifies #hashtags, @usernames, links and emails

Card view Card mobile Player

Developer notes


To display a URL card with an image preview, title and brief description, use output/card view:

echo elgg_view('output/card', array(
	'href' => '',


To dipslay a rich media player use output/player view:

echo elgg_view('output/player', array(
	'href' => '',


To linkify all URLs, usernames, emails and hashtags that are not wrapped in html tags, use output/linkify view. Pass your text in a value parameter. You can use parse_ flags to skip certain qualifiers.

$text = '@someone needs to #linkify this article and email it to';
if (elgg_view_exists('output/linkify')) {
	$text = elgg_view('output/linkify', array(
		'value' => $text,
		//'parse_urls' => false,
		//'parse_hashtags' => false,
		//'parse_usernames' => false,
		//'parse_emails' => false,

To generate a preview for multiple URLs extracted from text, use output/url_preview view. Pass your text as a value parameter. The view will parse all URLs and generate previews.

$text = 'This video is really cool';
if (elgg_view_exists('output/url_preview')) {
	$text = elgg_view('output/url_preview', array(
		'value' => $text,