Drag-n-drop file uploads for Elgg

4.0 2021-10-16 16:55 UTC

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Elgg 4.0

Drag&Drop File Uploads for Elgg


  • Cross-browser support for drag&drop file uploads
  • Easy to integrate into existing forms
  • Supports chunked uploads of large files


Developer Notes

Adding a drag&drop file input and processing uploads

To add a drag&drop input to your form, add the following:

echo elgg_view('input/dropzone', array(
		'name' => 'upload_guids',
		'accept' => "image/*",
		'max' => 25,
		'multiple' => true,
		'container_guid' => $container_guid, // optional file container
		'subtype' => $subtype, // subtype of the file entities to be created
		// see the view for more options

In your action, you can retrieve uploaded files with get_input('upload_guids');

You also need to implement a fallback solution for when the browser does not support drag and drop. Check hypeJunction\DropzoneService for an example.

Initializing and resetting dropzone

You can instantiate and clear dropzone by triggering jQuery events on the containing form:

$('.elgg-form').trigger('initialize'); // will instantiate dropzone inputs contained within the form
$('.elgg-form').trigger('reset'); // will clear previews and hidden guid inputs

Acknowledgements / Credits