Single function to get wordpress attachment id from an img src

1.0.4 2014-05-27 01:00 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-11 14:07:58 UTC


Single function to get wordpress attachment id from an img src, regardless of whether the img src is a resized thumbnail or the original image.



Via Composer

Neat_html is available on Packagist (perchten/wordpress_attachmentfromimg) and as such is installable via Composer.

Add the following to your composer.json

	"require": {s
    	"perchten/wordpress_attachmentfromimg": "1.*"
Direct include

Clone or download from GitHub and include directly in your code:

require_once "path/to/neat_html.php"


Basic usage to get the ID:


If you want a specific thumbnail img src rather than just the ID, you can also use:


This will only work if the thumbnail size has been previously defined. It will NOT return the <img> tag, but just the src url. It will also not return the image metadata such as size. If you need that, then use the inbuilt Wordpress function wp_get_attachment_image_src() instead.

Why Not A Wordpress Plugin?

Because it's tiny and only useful for developers.

If you're a developer and unfamiliar with Composer, go check it out. You can use it to load utility libraries into your plugins or themes.