Replace PHP's extremely buggy realpath()

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Replace PHP's extremely buggy realpath()



Via Composer

Truepath is available on Packagist (perchten/truepath) and as such is installable via Composer.

Add the following to your composer.json

	"require": {s
    	"perchten/truepath": "1.*"
Direct include

Clone or download from GitHub and include directly in your code:

require_once "path/to/truepath/truepath.php"


It's just one simple function, and as such it is not namespaced, but loaded as a globally available function. So just use:

$truepath = truepath("some/possible/path")

Unlike PHP's realpath, this function does not return false on error; it returns a path which is as far as it could to resolving these quirks.

This does not work on network resources including UNC and URLs. It works for the local file system only.


All credit goes to Christian from this StackOverflow question. I'm just putting this up on some repos for easier access.