Affiliate & referral system for Sylius applications.

v0.19.3 2016-08-19 10:30 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-09-26 04:57:19 UTC


Affiliate bundle for Sylius.


  1. require the bundle with Composer:
$ composer require pentarim/sylius-affiliate-bundle
  1. enable the bundle in app/AppKernel.php:
public function registerBundles()
  $bundles = array(
    // ...
    new \Pentarim\SyliusAffiliateBundle\SyliusAffiliateBundle(),
    // ...
  1. register routes in app/config/routing.yml
  resource: "@SyliusAffiliateBundle/Resources/config/routing/main.yml"
  1. To create database tables and RBAC permissions run the following command:
$ app/console sylius:affiliate:install

There are "--skip-permissions" and "--skip-database" options for this command please check the help page for details

  1. Create menu entries for frontend and backend



TBC, for now please check Pentarim/SyliusAffiliateBundle/DependencyInjection/Configuration.php


Releases will be numbered with the format major.minor.patch.

And constructed with the following guidelines.

  • Breaking backwards compatibility bumps the major.
  • New additions without breaking backwards compatibility bumps the minor.
  • Bug fixes and misc changes bump the patch.

For more information on SemVer, please visit website.
This versioning method is same for all Sylius bundles and applications.

MIT License

License can be found here.


The bundle was created by Laszlo Horvath, its based on prior work of Joseph Bielawski.

The work on this bundle was proudly sponsored by Locastic.