Easy way to build parallel sets of tests for Circle CI

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Last update: 2024-07-19 02:17:24 UTC


Easy way to build parallel sets of tests for Circle CI


This tool will create test suites for you. It's made for circle-ci but you can use it with other tools.


composer require pedrotroller/circle-parallel-tests-builder --dev

A binary file (circle-tests) have been added to your binary directory.


You just have to create a file named circle-tests.yml into your project root directory and follow this pattern :

"<my_test>": <weigth>
"<my_test>": <weigth>
"<my_test>": <weigth>

Where my_test is the command to execute, and weigth is a number representing the weigth of the execution of your command (can be the duration for exemple).


You can display suites by using the following command :

./bin/circle-tests display -t 3 # Will split your tests into 3 suites

You can launch a suite by using the following command :

./bin/circle-tests -i 0 -t 3 # -i represent the index (0 based) of the desired suite

Circle-CI use case

# ./circle-tests.yml
'bin/behat --no-snippets --tags=~disabled --verbose features/api': 21
'bin/behat --no-snippets --tags=~disabled --verbose features/manager': 50
'bin/phpspec run -fpretty --verbose': 1
'bin/install dev demo': 4
'bin/install prod && app/console doctrine:schema:validate -e=prod': 2
# ./circle.yml
general: # ...

machine: # ...

dependencies: # ...

        - bin/circle-tests run --index=$CIRCLE_NODE_INDEX --total=$CIRCLE_NODE_TOTAL:
            parallel: true