A Laravel Nova info card.

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This package provides an easy-and-simple way to add notification cards to a Laravel Nova Resource.


composer require pdmfc/nova-info-card


use Pdmfc\NovaCards\Info;


public function cards()
    return [
        (new Info())
            ->info('Some info message')


This package comes with 4 predefined styles - info, success, warning and danger. To select a theme, just use the it as the method name.

If you need to generate a card theme dynamically, you can use the message() method which accepts two arguments - $message and $level.

->message($message, $level) // accepted values for $level: 'info', 'success' , 'warning', 'danger'


Defining a header

You can also define a heading for the message using the heading() method:

(new Info())
    ->heading('Info heading')
    ->info('Some info message')

Heading screenshot

Render Html

If you want to render your message as raw html the same way that Nova lets you in resource fields, just chain the asHtml() method:

(new Info())
    ->info('Be sure to like this package and give us your feedback in
    <a href="https://github.com/pdmfc/nova-info-card/" class="underline font-bold text-blue-800">our repository</a>!')

Rendering raw Html

How to contribute

  • clone the repo
  • on composer.json of a laravel nova application add the following:

    "require" {
        "pdmfc/nova-info-card: "*"

    "repositories": [
            "type": "path",
            "url": "../path_to_your_package_folder"
  • run composer update pdmfc/nova-info-card

You're now ready to start contributing!