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XMPP Prebind for PHP backend

This class is designed for PHP backend to prebind a XMPP Session with XMPP servers like Openfire (tested), eJabberd etc.

In other words if you want to use frontend XMPP client like ConverseJS and take advantage of persistent login (aka Single Session Support) with PHP then you're in right place.

How to use?

Clone this repository and require (or use namespace as I did) where you want to do the prebinding. Let's say our Jabber ID (JID) is john@domain.com. Use like below:

        use Pbxapi\XmppPrebind; 

        $params = [
            "user" => "john",
            "password" => "johnspass",
            "tld" => "domain.com",
            "boshUrl" => "<bosh-url-of-your-xmpp-server>" 
            //For openfire it's something like http://<your-xmpp-fqdn>:7070/http-bind/
        $xmpp = new XmppPrebind($params);
        echo json_encode($xmpp->connect()); //will return JID, SID, RID as JSON

That's it!