This Laravel Eloquent extension provides recursive relationships using common table.

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This Laravel Eloquent extension provides recursive relationships using common table.


composer require paxha/laravel-recursive-relationships


Getting Started

Consider the following table schema for hierarchical data:

Schema::create('users', function (Blueprint $table) {

Use the HasRecursiveRelationships trait in your model to work with recursive relationships:

class User extends Model
    use \RecursiveRelationships\Traits\HasRecursiveRelationships;

By default, the trait expects a parent key named parent_id. You can customize it by overriding getParentKeyName():

class User extends Model
    use \RecursiveRelationships\Traits\HasRecursiveRelationships;

    public function getParentKeyName()
        return 'user_id'; // or anything


The trait provides various relationships:

  • children(): The model's direct children.
  • nestedChildren(): The model's nested children.
  • parent(): The model's direct parent.
  • nestedParents(): The model's nested parents by object.
$users = User::with('children')->get();

$users = User::with('nestedChildren')->get();

$users = User::with('parent')->get();

$users = User::with('nestedParents')->get();


The trait provides query scopes to filter models by their position in the tree:

  • hasChildren(): Models with children.
  • hasParent(): Models with a parent.
  • leaf(): Models without children.
  • root(): Models without a parent.
$noLeaves = User::hasChildren()->get();

$noRoots = User::hasParent()->get();

$leaves = User::leaf()->get();

$roots = User::root()->get();


The trait provides helper functions:

  • descendents(): The model's all Children in single array.
  • ancestors(): The model's all parents in single array.
  • siblings(): The parent's other children.
$descendents = User::find($id)->descendents();

$ancestors = User::find($id)->ancestors();

$siblings = User::find($id)->siblings();


This is open-sourced laravel library licensed under the MIT license.