Flytte is League\Flysystem integration for Nette Framework

v0.1 2016-04-24 08:20 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-11 16:12:48 UTC


This package provides Flysystem integration via compiler extension for Nette Framework 2.3.


You can install this package via composer

$ composer require pavelkouril/flytte


To use Flysystem in your Nette project, you just need to register the PavelKouril\Flytte\DI\FlysystemExtension in the extensions section of you config file.

Like this:

    flysystem: PavelKouril\Flytte\DI\FlysystemExtension

This will enable you to configure Flysystem in the flysystem section, like this:

    default: local
        local: League\Flysystem\Adapter\Local("%appDir%/...")

The name of default adapter has to be the key of one of your adapters. You need to specify at least one adapter.

Multiple Filesystems

The default League\Flysystem\Filesystem instance (using the default adapter) is autowired. The rest is not autowired, but is accessible in your config via @flysystem.filesystems.local (if you are interested in the Filesystem class) or @flysystem.adapters.local (if you are interested in the adapter itself).


You can access multiple filesystems simultaneously by using the League\Flysystem\MountManager class. The MountManager class is autowired. All the filesystems are registered by their adapter name in config as a protocol (ie. local://).


By default, only the adapters included by default in Flysystem are available.

Other adapters need to be obtained separately - packages name and their usage can be found at the official site.