Automatic Browser Reload Support for Pattern Lab

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Reload Plugin for Pattern Lab

The Reload Plugin adds Web Socket-based automatic browser reload support to Pattern Lab. The Reload Plugin will automatically reload the Pattern Lab iFrame if you're using the --watch flag or --server --with-watch flag combo.


To add the Reload Plugin to your project using Composer type:

composer require pattern-lab/plugin-reload

See Packagist for information on the latest release.


The Reload Plugin is automatically turned on when you install it. Simply "watch" your project using the following command:

php core/console --watch

You can also run your server and watch your project at the same time:

php core/console --server --with-watch

Disabling the Plugin

To disable the Reload Plugin you can either directly edit ./config/config.yml or use the command line option:

php core/console --config --set plugins.reload.enabled=false