Data inheritance based on pattern lineage for Pattern Lab.

v1.0.0 2016-07-03 00:17 UTC

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Last update: 2021-04-06 05:16:38 UTC


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Data Inheritance Plugin for Pattern Lab

The Data Inheritance Plugin allows patterns to inherit data from patterns within its lineage. This means that data from included patterns is merged with the current pattern. The current pattern's data takes precedence.


To add the Data Inheritance Plugin to your project using Composer type:

composer require pattern-lab/plugin-data-inheritance

See Packagist for information on the latest release.


After install make sure to generate your site again with:

php core/console --generate

Disabling the Plugin

To disable the Faker plugin you can either directly edit ./config/config.yml or use the command line option:

php core/console --config --set plugins.dataInheritance.enabled=false