Usabiliy Wrapper for mdanter/ecc

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A usability wrapper for PHP ECC.


composer require paragonie/easy-ecc

Using Easy-ECC

use ParagonIE\EasyECC\EasyECC;

// Generate an instance; defaults to Curve25519
$ecc = new EasyECC();

// Get a keypair
$alice_sk = $ecc->generatePrivateKey();
$alice_pk = $alice_sk->getPublicKey();

// Signing a message:
$message = 'This is extremely simple to use correctly.';
$signature = $ecc->sign($message, $alice_sk);

if (!$ecc->verify($message, $alice_pk, $signature)) {
    throw new Exception('Signature validation failed');

// Let's do a key exchange:
$bob_sk = $ecc->generatePrivateKey();
$bob_pk = $alice_sk->getPublicKey();

$alice_to_bob = $ecc->keyExchange($alice_sk, $bob_pk, true);
$bob_to_alice = $ecc->keyExchange($bob_sk, $alice_pk, false);

Other Easy-ECC Modes

secp256k1 + SHA256

use ParagonIE\EasyECC\EasyECC;

$ecc = new EasyECC('K256');

NIST P256 + SHA256

use ParagonIE\EasyECC\EasyECC;

$ecc = new EasyECC('P256');

NIST P384 + SHA384

use ParagonIE\EasyECC\EasyECC;

$ecc = new EasyECC('P384');

Support Contracts

If your company uses this library in their products or services, you may be interested in purchasing a support contract from Paragon Initiative Enterprises.