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Get server logs on all appservers in a specific environment.

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1.0.0 2023-05-02 16:29 UTC

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Last update: 2023-09-18 17:06:11 UTC


Actively Maintained

Terminus v1.x Compatible

A Terminus plugin that:

  • download site logs from a specific environment of a Pantheon sites
  • parse the logs for debugging purposes

This will also pull logs on an environment with multiple containers.

Learn more about Terminus and Terminus Plugins at:


Download all logs from dev.

terminus logs:get <site>.<env>

Only download nginx-access.log and nginx-error.log logs.

terminus logs:get <site>.<env> --nginx-access --nginx-error

Exclude nginx-access.log and nginx-error.log from download.

terminus logs:get <site>.<env> --exclude --nginx-access --nginx-error

Parsing Nginx Access Logs

Search nginx-access logs with 301 status code via PHP.

terminus logs:parse:nginx-access <site>.<env> --filter="301" --php

Show how many times the IP visited the site.

terminus logs:parse:nginx-access <site>.<env> --grouped-by=ip

Top response by HTTP status.

terminus logs:parse:nginx-access <site>.<env> --grouped-by=response-code

Top 403 requests

terminus logs:parse:nginx-access <site>.<env> --grouped-by=403

Top 404 requests

terminus logs:parse:nginx-access <site>.<env> --grouped-by=404

Top PHP 404 requests.

terminus logs:parse:nginx-access <site>.<env> --grouped-by=php-404

Top PHP 404 requests in full details.

terminus logs:parse:nginx-access <site>.<env> --grouped-by=php-404-detailed

Top 502 requests

terminus logs:parse:nginx-access <site>.<env> --grouped-by=502

Top IPs accessing 502.

To get 502 URIs run this command first: terminus logs:parse:nginx-access site_name.env --grouped-by=502

terminus logs:parse:nginx-access <site>.<env> --grouped-by=ip-accessing-502 --uri={SITE_URI}

Count the request that hits the appserver per second.

terminus logs:parse:nginx-access <site>.<env> --grouped-by=request-per-second

Top request methods.

terminus logs:parse:nginx-access <site>.<env> --grouped-by=request-method --code=[200|403|404|502]

Parsing Nginx Error Logs

Search nginx-error.log for access forbidden error.

terminus logs:parse:nginx-error <site>.<env> --grouped-by="access forbidden" 

Search nginx-error.log for SSL_shutdown error.

terminus logs:parse:nginx-error <site>.<env> --grouped-by="SSL_shutdown" 

Search nginx-error.log for "worker_connections" error.

This error means that the site has no enough PHP workers. Consider upgrading to a higher plan to add more appservers.

terminus logs:parse:nginx-error <site>.<env> --grouped-by="worker_connections" 

To get the latest entries.

You can adjust the results by passing a numeric value to --filter which has a default value of 10.

terminus logs:parse:nginx-error <site>.<env>

Parsing PHP Error Logs

Search for the latest entries.

terminus logs:parse:php-error <site>.<env> --grouped-by=latest

Search php-error logs with 301 "Uncaught PHP Exception" error.

terminus logs:parse <site>.<env> --type=php-error --filter="Uncaught PHP Exception" --php

Search to all the logs.

terminus logs:parse <site>.<env> --type=all --filter="error" --php

Parsing PHP Slow Logs

Search for the latest entries.

terminus logs:parse:php-slow <site>.<env> --grouped-by=latest 

Top functions by number of times they called.

terminus logs:parse:php-slow <site>.<env> --grouped-by=function

Slow requests grouped by minute

terminus logs:parse:php-slow <site>.<env> --grouped-by=minute

Parsing MySQL Slow Log

Display everything.

terminus logs:parse:mysql-slow <site>.<env> 

Count of queries based on their time of execution.

terminus logs:parse:mysql-slow <site>.<env> --grouped-by=time

Display only the first N queries in the output. Sort output by count i.e. number of times query found in mysqld-slow-query.log.

This queries might be a good option for caching the result.

terminus logs:parse:mysql-slow <site>.<env> --grouped-by=query-count 

Display only the first N queries in the output.

Top queries which returned maximum rows.

terminus logs:parse:mysql-slow <site>.<env> --grouped-by=average-rows-sent

Logs listing

To list all the log files.

terminus logs:list <site>.<env>


This plugin is not working on Windows environment. You may want to Dockerized your Terminus to use this kind of plugin that uses nix commands to parse the logs.


For help installing, see Manage Plugins

mkdir -p ~/.terminus/plugins
cd ~/.terminus/plugins
git clone

To install this in Terminus 3, run this command:

terminus self:plugin:install pantheon-systems/terminus-site-debug