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0.1.0 2021-03-01 10:49 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-09-05 03:18:07 UTC



This repository is template for building a new package. Some changes to the files are needed in order to represent a new package.


Edit composer.json to reflect the package information. At a minimum, the package name and autoload lines should be changed so that "vendor/package" reflects the name and namespace of the new package.

    "name": "vendor/package",
    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "Paksuco\\Table\\": "src/"


The file config/paksuco-table.php should be renamed to to something more useful, like config/my-package.php. This is the configuration file that Laravel will publish into it's config directory.


Open up src/TableServiceProvider.php as well. At a minimum the namespace has to be changed (it needs to match the PSR-4 namespace you set in composer.json).

In the boot() method, comment out or uncomment the components your package will need. For example, if the package only has a configuration, then everything can be commented out except the handleConfigs() call:

public function boot() {
    // $this->handleMigrations();
    // $this->handleViews();
    // $this->handleTranslations();
    // $this->handleRoutes();

In the handleConfigs() method, the "paksuco-table" references should be changed to the name you chose up above (in the config/paksuco-table.php instructions).

Last Step

Update the LICENSE file as required (make sure it matches what you said your package's license is in composer.json).