Some helpful functions used by https://p3k.io projects

1.2.1 2021-11-16 21:44 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-17 04:08:18 UTC


This project provides several helpful utilities for working with PHP projects, and is used by https://p3k.io applications.

  • p3k\date - helpful functions for working with dates and timezones
  • p3k\url - helpful functions for parsing and building URLs
  • p3k\cache - a simple caching helper backed by Redis
  • p3k\utils - miscellaneous functions
  • p3k\geo - geo functions for calculating distance and other things
  • p3k\global - sets the timezone to UTC (you're already storing all your dates in UTC, right?)

PHP Support

This project should work in all versions of PHP 5.5 and newer.