Provides LazyAccess posiblity to array elements

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LazyAccess is a wrapper around any arrays. Provides easy way of getting it's values or get a default value instead.

Replaces stupid long constructions like

isset($var) ? $var : NULL.


Using composer

Update your composer.json with following:

    require: {
        "p1ratrulezzz/lazyaccess": "master"

and run

composer install  

or (recommended)

composer require p1ratrulezzz/lazyaccess master

Second method will allow you to install this package without manual changes in composer.lock file.

Manual installation

git clone --branch master https://github.com/p1ratrulezzz/LazyAccess-to-PHP-arrays.git lazyaccess

Then in PHP code include the files

require_once 'lazyaccess/src/LazyAccess.php';
require_once 'lazyaccess/src/LazyAccessTyped.php';


For example: usual PHP code is

$somevar = isset($array[$key]['key2'][0]) ? $array[$key]['key2'][0] : 'some_default_value';

This code is long and duplicates same things. With LazyAccess same code will be

$wrapper = new LazyAccessTyped($array); //Define it once somewhere in your code
$somevar = $array[$key]->key2[0]->value('some_default_value');
$somevar = $array[$key]['key2'][0]->value('some_default_value'); //the same as the above
$somevar = $array->$key->key2->0->value('some_default_value'); //the same as the above
// Also there are some wrappers with types: asString(), asInteger(), asDouble()
$somevar = $array->{$key}->key2->0->asString('some_default_value');
$somevar = $array->{$key}->key2->0->asInteger(0); // It will perform intval() operation before returning, so you can be sure that there will be an integer value.
// asDouble() also will replace comma "," to a point ".", for example value 1,93 will be converted to 1.93
$floating_point_value = new LazyAccessTyped(['test_float' => ['inner' => '1,93']])->test_float->inner->asDouble(0); // Will return 1.93

It provides ability to use array operator ("[]") or object operator ("->") to access nesting array elements!


There are two classes LazyAccess and LazyAccessTyped. LazyAccessTyped provides ability to use converters such as asFloat(), asInteger() and etc.

Please, do not use LazyAccess, cause it can behave unpredictible with it's return value. LazyAccessTyped is much better and safer.