PHP Library for accessing PayPal Rest API.

v1.0.0 2015-12-01 09:35 UTC

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This library wants to be a PHP client for the PayPal REST API.

There is an official SDK and you can find it here.

I tried it and I tried to contribute on it (the tests were calling the actual paypal sandbox). But I needed a simpler and OOP library, and I did not have the time to contribute as much as I think is needed on the official one, therefore I did this one.

I'm working on a first stable realease that should be out before August 15th.

Feedback, PR and contribution are welcome.


At the moment the only PayPal REST API calls implemented are:



composer require p16/paypal-rest-api-client:1.0.0

or edit your composer.json as follow

    "require": {
        "p16/paypal-rest-api-client": "1.0.0"

and then run

composer update p16/paypal-rest-api-client

Running tests

Donwload the repository


composer install

From the root folder run

./vendor/bin/phpunit -c .


Using the library

PayPal Json schema validation

A Json Schema validator is used to validate a call request body. You can find all the available schema definition here.

TO-DO for release 1.1.0

  • Move PayPalJsonSchemaValidator into a standalone repo (?)

  • Make the builder aware of the PayPalJsonSchemaValidator, so that they can validate what they are building when building from/to json

  • Add strict validation to model classes (?)

TO-DO for release 1.2.0


Licensed under the MIT license

Read LICENSE for more information