Yii 2 Framework Usage Examples

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Last update: 2022-11-30 01:18:49 UTC


Based on Yii 2 Basic Project Template this application includes different examples based on modules.


The minimum requirement by this project template that your Web server supports PHP 5.4.0.


Install from an Archive File

Extract the archive file downloaded from BitBucket project page to a directory named examples that is directly under the Web root.

You can then access the application through the following URL:


Install via Composer

If you do not have Composer, you may install it by following the instructions at getcomposer.org.

You can then install this project template using the following command:

composer global require "fxp/composer-asset-plugin:~1.0.0"
composer create-project --prefer-dist --stability=dev p0vidl0/yii2-examples-app examples

Now you should be able to access the application through the following URL, assuming basic is the directory directly under the Web root.

If you use Apache directive Alias to access web folder - specify path to it in RewriteBase. For more see .htaccess file.