Find over assertive tests in your PHPUnit test suite

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Having several assertions in the same test is fine, but when an assertion fails, the whole test aborts and other assertions in the same test are not tested.

Depending on what you test and how you coded it, you may want to split some tests in several sub tests.

OverAssertive is a PHPUnit extension that reports right in the console which tests have "too many" assertions, where "too many" is what you define, to help you inspect and maybe refactor some tests.



Enable it with all defaults by adding the following to your test suite's phpunit.xml file:

<phpunit bootstrap="vendor/autoload.php">
        <listener class="Ozh\PHPUnit\Listener\OverAssertiveTestsListener" />

If you're not using an autoloader you can also specify the library location:

<phpunit bootstrap="boostrap.php">
        <listener class="Ozh\PHPUnit\Listener\OverAssertiveTestsListener" file="/path/to/OverAssertiveTestsListener.php" />

Now run your test suite as normal. OverAssertive will report over assertive tests in the console after the suite completes.


OverAssertive has two configurable parameters:

  • alertThreshold - Number of assertions that will make a test over assertive (default: 10 assertions)
  • reportLength - Number of over assertive tests included in the report (default: 10 tests)

These configuration parameters are set in phpunit.xml when adding the listener:

<phpunit ...>
    <!-- ... other suite configuration here ... -->

        <listener class="Ozh\PHPUnit\Listener\OverAssertiveTestsListener">
                    <element key="alertThreshold">
                    <element key="reportLength">


Much thanks to phpunit-speedtrap


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