This is a Twig version of the Admin Theme for OXID eShop.

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Admin theme based on the Twig engine.


Run the following command to install theme:

composer require oxid-esales/twig-admin-theme

(Only for PE) Install OXID eSales PE Twig component:

If you are using Professional Edition, please install Twig component for OXID eShop Professional Edition:

composer require oxid-esales/twig-component-pe

(Only for EE) Install OXID eSales EE Twig component:

If you are using Enterprise Edition, please install Twig component for OXID eShop Enterprise Edition:

composer require oxid-esales/twig-component-ee


The Twig theme for admin will be registered during the installation. If you are having some issues, that the wrong Admin theme is loaded, please check if the oxid_esales.theme.admin.name parameter is set correctly:

  oxid_esales.theme.admin.name: 'admin_twig'


See LICENSE file for license details.

Bugs and Issues

If you experience any bugs or issues, please report them in the section OXID eShop (all versions) under category Twig engine of https://bugs.oxid-esales.com