OXID eShop database views regeneration from console command

v1.0.3 2017-01-09 17:12 UTC


This component provides eShop the way of creating/recreating the views structure from console command. The script should be accessible through the oe-eshop-facts component. Information on how to use oe-eshop-db_views_regenerate script together with oe-eshop-facts can be found in the following README.

Alternative way of running

ESHOP_BOOTSTRAP_PATH='source/bootstrap.php' vendor/bin/oe-eshop-db_views_regenerate

Possible return error codes

After the execution of script it will return one of the following return error codes:

  • 0 - If the execution went without errors;
  • 1 - If an exception was thrown and details are stored in EXCEPTION_LOG.txt file;
  • 2 - If an unknown error has been thrown and no details are available.