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v1.0.2 2017-03-23 13:59 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-08 18:32:43 UTC


This component is dedicated to provide primary information/facts about current eShop installation. The information is provided in two ways:

  • Printed to STDOUT (triggered with VERBOSE=1 environment variable);
  • Exposed to sub-processes as environment variables.


The following information is provided after executing the script:

  • ESHOP_PHP_BIN_PATH - Full path to PHP binary file which will be used to run scripts through CLI;
  • ESHOP_FACT_BIN_PATH - Full path of current oe-eshop-facts script being executed;
  • ESHOP_FACT_BASEDIR - Full path to a directory where other fact related script can be found;
  • ESHOP_SOURCE_PATH - Full path to eShop runtime source and front controllers;
  • ESHOP_BOOTSTRAP_PATH - Full path to eShop bootstrap.php file;
  • ESHOP_CONFIG_PATH - Full path to eShop config.inc.php file;
  • ESHOP_VENDOR_PATH - Full path to composer's vendor directory;
  • ESHOP_VENDOR_BIN_PATH - Full path to binary files which were installed by defined dependencies inside composer.json file;
  • ESHOP_VENDOR_NAME - Composer vendor name used as identifier for OXID eSales AG;
  • ESHOP_OXID_VENDOR_PATH - Full path to directory which contains all the packages/components from OXID eSales AG.

Keep in mind that it's possible to override any variable from the list above by providing it as an environment variable, e.g. in order to change the path to PHP binary:

ESHOP_PHP_BIN_PATH=/usr/local/bin/php ./vendor/bin/oe-eshop-facts


The following environment variables are accepted:

  • VERBOSE - Enables verbose mode which prints out all facts to STDOUT;
  • ESHOP_VERBOSE_FACTS - Enables verbose mode only for the current script.

Script execution

Current oe-eshop-facts script can be used for execution of other scripts which are installed by composer packages/components. The given script will have all of the facts accessable from the output section above and provided as environment variables. In order to execute other script just provide it as an command line argument, e.g.

./vendor/bin/oe-eshop-facts my_custum_script

Keep in mind that the provided script must be within the same directory as the oe-eshop-facts file.

Custom composer commands

Fact script can be used to provide additional commands to composer as it provides all necessary information to reach eShop files, e.g.

To have the following command valid composer my_custom_script just add:

"require": {
  "oxid-esales/eshop-facts": "dev-master"
scripts: {
  "my_custom_script": "oe-eshop-facts my_custom_script"

Potential usages

To get better understanding where this component can be used, few examples to explore:

  • Integrate 3rd party database migration tools
  • Execute eShop internal methods through CLI
    • Regenerate database views
    • Clean eShop specific cache
  • Modify eShop's configuration through the help of CLI
  • Import/export eShop data through CLI
  • Various bulk operations through CLI