A PHP implementation of Double Array Trie.

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A PHP implementation of Double Array Trie.

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$ composer require overtrue/double-array-trie -vvv


Build a DoubleArrayTrie

build with a string array

use Overtrue\DoubleArrayTrie\Builder;

$builder = new Builder();

$trie = $builder->build(['foo', 'bar', 'baz']);


build with a key-value array

use Overtrue\DoubleArrayTrie\Builder;

$builder = new Builder();

$trie = $builder->build([ 
            '一举' => 'yi ju',
            '一举一动' => 'yi ju yi dong',

Load a DoubleArrayTrie

use Overtrue\DoubleArrayTrie\Factory;

$trie = Factory::loadFromFile('trie.json');
$trie = Factory::loadFromFile('trie.php');
$trie = Factory::loadFromFile('trie.dat');


use Overtrue\DoubleArrayTrie\Matcher;

$trie = Factory::loadFromFile('trie.json');
$matcher = new Matcher($trie);

match a string no values:

// ['foo', 'bar', 'baz']

$matcher->match('foo'); // true
$matcher->match('oo'); // false

match a string with values:

// ['一举' => 'yi ju', '一举一动' => 'yi ju yi dong']

$matcher->match('一举'); // 'yi ju'
$matcher->match('一举一'); // false

prefix matching

// ['一举' => 'yi ju', '一举一动' => 'yi ju yi dong', '一举成名' => 'yi ju cheng ming',]
// [
//  '一举' => 'yi ju',
//  '一举一动' => 'yi ju yi dong'


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