Google Places API integration for Contao Recommendation Bundle

1.3.0 2023-06-01 17:48 UTC

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Last update: 2023-08-31 18:32:07 UTC


Syncs your latest google reviews into the contao recommendation bundle.

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Working with Contao 4.13 and Contao 5.1 (PHP ^8.1)

This plugin adds the possibility to synchronize your Google reviews into your recommendation archives.


  • Able to synchronize your google reviews into a recommendation archive
  • Able to choose the sync language for your google reviews
  • Cache invalidation after import
  • Automatic import once every 24 hours
  • Manual synchronization for one or all archives
  • Error logging


Via composer

composer require oveleon/contao-google-recommendation-bundle

Via contao-manager

Search for contao google recommendation bundle and add it to your extensions.

After installing the contao-google-recommendation-bundle, you need to run a contao install.


This bundle adds new fields to Contao Recommendation Bundle.

Contao Recommendation Bundle

For a full setup, please look here.

Archive settings

Google Reviews
Option Description
Sync with Google Activate to enable synchronization with Google API
Google API Token Your Google API Token. More information on Google: Using API keys
Google Places ID Your Google Place ID. More information on Google: Place IDs
Language Here you can select the imported language for your reviews. More information on Google: Language Support

Admin View: Recommendation Reader


All archives with enabled synchronization will update once every 24 hours. You are able to trigger the synchronization for each archive or for all archives.

Admin View: Recommendation Sync


An example how to style your reviews on your website

Admin View: Recommendation Example