Brings the ease of Artisan commands and the power of Symfony console to Yii2.

1.3.1 2020-08-17 13:49 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-03-17 19:44:10 UTC


This library brings the ease of Artisan commands and the power of Symfony console to Yii2 and Craft3.


Require the package:

composer require ostark/yii2-artisan-bridge

Configure actions for a Craft3 plugin

<?php namespace you\PluginName;

use Craft;
use craft\base\Plugin as BasePlugin;
use ostark\Yii2ArtisanBridge\ActionGroup;
use ostark\Yii2ArtisanBridge\Bridge;
use you\PluginName\actions\ActionOne;
use you\PluginName\actions\ActionTwo;

 * Class Plugin
class Plugin extends BasePlugin
     * Initialize Plugins
    public function init()

        if (Craft::$app instanceof \yii\console\Application) {

            $group = (new ActionGroup('group-name', 'What this group is about.'))
                    'action1'  => ActionOne::class,
                    'action2'  => ActionTwo::class,
                    'one' => 'option-one',
                    'two' => 'option-two',

Write your Actions (Commands)

You write one class per action. Your actual instructions live in the run() method, similar to execute() in Symfony or handle() in Laravel. Command arguments map to the arguments of the run() method.

Options and option aliases are registered in Commands::register($prefix, $actions, $options). To access an option, it must be declared as a public property in the Action class.

<?php namespace you\PluginName\actions;

use Craft;
use ostark\Yii2ArtisanBridge\base\Action as BaseAction;
use yii\console\ExitCode;

class ActionOne extends BaseAction {

    public $optionOne = 'default-value';
      * Ask some question
      * @param string $name
      * @return bool
    public function run($name) {
        $this->title("Hello {$name}, 'option-one' is '{$this->optionOne}'");
        $answer = $this->choice("What's your favorite animal?", ['Dog','Cat','Elephant']);
        if ($answer === 'Elephant') {
            $this->successBlock("'$answer' is correct.");
            return ExitCode::OK;
        } else {
            $this->errorBlock("'$answer' is the wrong.");
            return ExitCode::UNSPECIFIED_ERROR;

Artisan helper methods

Prompting for input

$name = $this->ask('What is your name?', $default = null)`
$name = $this->anticipate('What is your name?', ['Taylor', 'Fabien', 'Brad', 'Brandon']);
if ($this->confirm('Do you wish to continue?')) {
    // continue

Writing output

$this->info('Display this on the screen');
$this->error('Something went wrong!');
$headers = ['Name', 'Email'];
$rows    = [['First name', 'First email'], ['Second name', 'Second email']];

$this->table($headers, $rows);

Symfony block style

$this->title('Title style block');
$this->section('Section style block');

$this->errorBlock('Oh no!');

// Custom blocks
$this->block($messages, $type = null, $style = null, $prefix = ' ', $padding = true, $escape = true);

Symfony progress bar

$items = range(1,10);

$bar = $this->output->createProgressBar(count($items));

// Custom format
$bar->setFormat('%message%' . PHP_EOL . '%bar% %percent:3s% %' . PHP_EOL . 'time:  %elapsed:6s%/%estimated:-6s%' . PHP_EOL.PHP_EOL);

foreach ($items as $i) {
    $bar->setMessage("My bar, some progress... $i");


Custom formatter

Register a custom OutputFormatterStyle

// in your init()
    function (ActionEvent $event) {
        $style = new OutputFormatterStyle('white', 'cyan');
        $event->action->output->getFormatter()->setStyle('ocean', $style);

Apply the style

$this->title('Title in <ocean>blue</ocean>');