ORY Oathkeeper is a reverse proxy that checks the HTTP Authorization for validity against a set of rules. This service uses Hydra to validate access tokens and policies.


This is the official Ory Oathkeeper SDK for php.

Please do not make any pull requests against this repository! Its contents are fully auto-generated by the ory/sdk repository. Any changes to this repository will be overwritten on the next CI run!


PHP (Packagist)


This code base, including this README, is auto-generated using OpenAPI Generator. If you find bugs in the SDK please check if there is an open issue at OpenAPITools/openapi-generator or ory/sdk already before opening an issue here.

If you have general feedback on the generated SDK please open an issue in ory/sdk.


Unfortunately this SDK is not yet documented. If you are looking for contributing documentation please open an issue first to discuss your ideas. We are greatly appreciating any help!

In the meanwhile, check out the meta-documentation for Ory's SDKs: