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Adding HTML5 tags support to WYSIWYG editors

3.1.5 2021-01-28 08:56 UTC

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Last update: 2021-09-19 20:52:47 UTC


The purpose of this bundle is to add xemlock/htmlpurifier-html5 library support without introducing the BC break. The library adds support for HTML5 tags to HTMLPurifier. The bundle also adds the ability to switch between three purification modes:

  • strict - filter html elements and attributes by white list. Style and iframe elements are not allowed.
  • extended - same as strict but style and iframe elements are allowed.
  • disabled - HTML Purifier is disabled completely.

The modes are switched with html_purifier_mode config setting in package/html5-purifier/Resources/config/oro/app.yml

How to Extend the List of Supported Elements and Attributes in Html5Purifier

Sometimes it may be necessary to add additional elements or attributes to the Html5Purifier config. To add a custom element, decorate the oro_html5_purifier.html_tag_helper service.

        decorates: oro_html5_purifier.html_tag_helper
        parent: oro_html5_purifier.html_tag_helper
            # map element
            - ['setElement', ['map', 'Block', 'Flow', 'Common', true]]
            # map attributes
            - ['setAttribute', ['map', 'id', 'ID']]
            - ['setAttribute', ['map', 'name', 'CDATA']]

Next, add the map element and attributes into the purifier config in the app.yml file in your bundle.

                    - id
                    - name

Now you can use the map tag and its id and name attributes in all WYSIWYG fields.