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A simple Laravel service provider with some basic configuration for including the TCPDF library to allow you to merge PDF's in your Laravel application.


The Laravel PDF Merger service provider can be installed via composer by requiring the oriceon/laravel-pdf-merger package in your project's composer.json.

composer require oriceon/laravel-pdf-merger

for lumen, you should add the following lines:

class_alias(Oriceon\PdfMerger\Facades\TCPDF::class, 'PDF');

That's it! You're good to go.

Here is a little example:

use Oriceon\PdfMerger\Facades\PdfMerger;

PdfMerger::addPDF('path/to/pdf1.pdf', 1)
->addPDF('path/to/pdf2.pdf', 'all')
->save('new_file_name.pdf', 'browser');

or sending pdf's as array ...

use Oriceon\PdfMerger\Facades\PdfMerger;

        'filePath' => 'path/to/pdf1.pdf',
        'pages'    => 1,
        'filePath' => 'path/to/pdf2.pdf',
->save('new_file_name.pdf', 'browser');

You can extend functionality for this class and for a list of all available function take a look at the TCPDF Documentation


Laravel Pdf Merger comes with some basic configuration. If you want to override the defaults, you can publish the config, like so:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Oriceon\PdfMerger\PdfMergerServiceProvider"

Now access config/pdf-merger.php to customize.

  • use_original_header is to used the original Header() from TCPDF.
    • Please note that PdfMerger::setHeaderCallback(function($pdf){}) overrides this settings.
  • use_original_footer is to used the original Footer() from TCPDF.
    • Please note that PdfMerger::setFooterCallback(function($pdf){}) overrides this settings.