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Invite System for GitHub Organizations

OrgManager takes Github Organization invites to a new level! Read more on the OrgManager documentation.

Table of Contents


To install the OrgManager Stable Version, check out these docs.

To learn how to setup the OrgManager Developer Version up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes see the OrgManager Developer Version section in the OrgManager Documentation.


OrgManager is under active development, and that means it gets lots of updates, bug fixes and new features. Read the guides below to learn how to update to the latest OrgManager version.

For updating a development environment, read the Updating the OrgManager Developer Version section in the OrgManager Documentation. For updating a production environment, read the Updating the OrgManager Stable Version section in the OrgManager Documentation.

For the versions available, see the releases page.


We use the Laravel testing functionalities and PHPUnit to add automated testing to OrgManager.

You can read about how to configure the testing environment and how to run the tests in the OrgManager Documentation.

Built With

Support Channels

Facing an issue? Want to meet other OrgManager users? Just want to say hello?

Read the OrgManager Support Channels section in the OrgManager Documentation.


Please read the Contributing to OrgManager section on the OrgManager Documentation for ideas on how to help, and the file for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests.

Support OrgManager

Whether you are an individual or an organization, you can pledge as low as $1/month to support the development of OrgManager & other non-profit and open-source projects. Support me on Patreon.


For information about all the people that have helped to make this possible, check the People section in the OrgManager Documentation.


Licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL). For more information, checkout the LICENSE.