setup a wordpress with one terminal-command: composer create-project org_heigl/wordpress_bootstrap my-wordpress-folder

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Easy installation of a ready-to-use wordpress using composer and vagrant


for this to work you need a working installation of


  1. Create a new Project: composer create-project org_heigl/wordpress_bootstrap my-wordpress-folder
  2. Answer some questions during the installation. You can press 'enter' for the default values.
  3. cd into the new folder: cd my-wordpress-folder
  4. start the VM: vagrant up
  5. Point your browser to
  6. There is no step 6

You can use "wpadmin" and "password" to log into your fresh wordpress-installation.

Plugin- and Theme-management

This installation contains a plugin that keeps activated plugins in sync with your composer.json-file.

Tha tway you can use the wordpress-plugin and theme-repository to find your favourite plugins abd themes but you can rest assured that those will be available in your composer.json-file as well

That way you can add this project to your VCS of choice and transfer minimal data to any other machine and with a composer install you will have a copy of your wordpress-installation.

For more informations on how the plugins and themes are added to the composer.json-file and how to add your own stuff that is not hosted on the wordpress-repository have a look at

Currently only the setup is automated. If you have further ideas or want to implement something feel free to open an issue or pull-request.

More details:

Wordpress is installed into a folder wp and the wp_content-folder is taken out of that installation and put beside that wp-folder as wp-content. If you want to adapt those settings have a look at the wp-config.php right inside the main folder.