Send the tme from a time-entry in your git commit-message to an API

2.0.1 2019-02-14 20:39 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-01 07:01:54 UTC


A small addition to CaptainHook that will send timing-entries from your commit-messages to an API.

That way you can track your times via your commit-messages.

To use this tool you need to add an entry like the following to your commit-message:

Time: 2h15m

This will send an entry containing 2 hours and 15 minutes to your timetracking-API of choice.

To make sure that all your commit-messages have a time-entry we recommend using the addTime addOn for CaptainHook.

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Install this package using composer

composer require --dev org_heigl/captainhook_sendtime


To send the time-entry to your API you'll need to configure the hook using the following information:

  "commit-msg": {
    "enabled": true,
    "actions": [{
      "action": "\\Org_Heigl\\CaptainHook\\Hooks\\Sendime\\SendTimeAction",
      "options": {
        "account" : "account",
        "backendfactory" : "\\Org_Heigl\\CaptainHook\\Hooks\\SendTime\\Backend\\FileFactory",
        "_comment" : "Following are parameters that are required by the Backend Factory. For Details see the Backend-Documentation",
        "file" : "/tmp/logfile"

This will write the times in a text-file residing in /tmp/logfile. If you want to use a different backend you will need to add the appropriate files via composer and then configure that backend according to the backends documentation.

Currently there are the following backends supported:

If you are missing your backend, feel free to create a factory and a backend that implement the Backend-Interface and the BackendFactory-interface appropriately.