PHP library for sending SMS through various gateways

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PHP library for sending SMS messages using various gateways. It's simple but flexible. Allows sending for more than one recipient at a time.

Currently supported gateways:

The library can be easily extended to support new gateways or integrated into your application, such as filtering of recipients based on consent to receiving SMS messages.



use composer

    "require": {
        "orajo/sms-zilla": "1.*"


php composer.phar require orajo/sms-zilla


$smsSender = new SmsZilla\SmsSender(new SmsZilla\Adapter\MockAdapter());

// default validator supports Polish numbers (PL) without country code
// others must be given with + (plus) sign and country code
// adding one recipient
// adding more recipients (with and without country code)
$smsSender->setRecipient(['511654321', '48511654987', '+41751654987']);

// Add recipient from other then default country.
// If region is changed then country code (+41) can be ommited.

$smsSender->setText("Message text");
$result = $smsSender->send();

See tests for more examples.

See https://github.com/Orajo/zf-sms-zilla if you need ZendFramework 2 module for sending SMS. The module is based on this library.


Jaroslaw Wasilewski orajo@windowslive.com.