PHP library to access the imuis API

v0.1 2015-02-11 22:40 UTC

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Muis software builds administrative software for accountants and entrepreneurs. This package eases the communication with the iMuis API from a PHP project. The client is written on version 10-09-2013 from the Cloudswitch iMuis webservice.

This package is a work in progress. Currently only a few methods are available. More methods will be added and we're open to any pull requests.


Add the package to your composer.json

composer require opifer/imuis


Quick example on how to import a new creditor into Imuis


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Opifer\Imuis\Client;
use Opifer\Imuis\Model\Creditor;

$creditor = new Creditor();
$creditor->setName('Rick van Laarhoven');
// Set any other data on the creditor

$client = new Client('PARTNERKEY', 'ENVIRONMENT');
$response = $client->createCreditor($creditor);

if ($response->hasErrors()) {
    $errors = $response->getErrors();