OpenTHC Cannabis Reporting Engine API Adapters

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API Adapters for BioTrack, LeafData and METRC regulatory compliance engines These scripts expose a common interface for these different API interfaces.


There is a convenience factory method to use with the proper configuration (loaded from etc/cre.ini).

$cfg = \OpenTHC\CRE::getEngine('usa/wa');
$cre = \OpenTHC\CRE::factory($cfg);
$res = $cre->license()->search();
$res = $cre->crop()->search();
foreach ($res as $rec) {
	echo $rec['variety']['name'] . "\n";

$res = $cre->lot()->search();
foreach ($res as $rec) {
	echo $rec['id'] . ' ' . $rec['product_id'] . "\n";

Supported Cannabis Reporting Engines

  • BioTrack: Hawai'i, Illinois, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Washington*
  • LeafData: Pennsylvania*, Utah* Washington
  • METRC: Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon

Other engines will be added, of course :) Some of the engine specific adapters are very thin layers, they really only exist for consistency.

The services for BioTrack/Washington was for their official interface but is now for their system called UCS. For LeafData there is not yet an API available in Pennsylvania or Utah but we're keeping a watch on that.


$cre = \OpenTHC\CRE::factory($cfg);

Reading Objects

A low level, GET and POST/PUT interface exists.

$res = $cre->get('/object?page=0&sort=created_at');
$res = $cre->post('/object', $arg);
$res = $cre->put('/object/id', $arg);

High Level API

It's also possible to interface with the objects at a higher level.

$obj_list = $cre->license()->search($arg);
$obj = $cre->license()->single($oid);
$res = $cre->license()->create($obj);
$res = $cre->license()->update($obj);