PDO wrapper library with helpers

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PDO wrapper library with helpers

The Db class tracks query counts and can debug queries. It will auto-generate SQL for insert/update queries.



//execute a fetch
$result = Db::_get()->fetch('SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `col` = ?',array($col));


Call to PDO

Any functions not shown in the reference are passed directly to PDO

Singleton Information

Db can be and is recommended to be used as a singleton to reuse the same PDO instance.

If multiple connections are needed use a custom method of maintaining the instances.

($this) Db::setConfig($config)

Sets the config of the database system.

Takes an array with the following structure

$config = array(
	 'driver'		=>	'mysql'
	,'database'		=>	'database_name'
	,'host'			=>	'server_host'
	,'port'			=>	'server_port'
	,'user'			=>	'username'
	,'password'		=>	'password'

($this) Db::connect()

Will use the current configuration and connect

(int) Db::getQueryCount()

Returns the current query count

(bool) Db::close()

Close the open PDO istance (if any)

(array) Db::prepWhere($pairs,$type='WHERE')

Prepares WHERE strings to be used in queries

  • $pairs array of clauses which can be in 4 formats
  • 'field-name' => array($bool='AND',$operator='=',$value)
  • 'field-name' => array($operator='=',$value) //bool defaults to AND
  • 'field-name' => array($operator) //bool defaults to AND, value defaults to NULL
  • 'field-name' => $value //bool defaults to AND, operator defaults to =
  • NOTE: use Db::IS_NULL and Db::IS_NOT_NULL for null value operators
  • $type specify the start of the string defaults to 'WHERE'
  • returns an array, with members:
  • [0] the resulting WHERE clause; compiled for use with PDO::prepare including leading space (ready-to-use)
  • [n] the values array; ready for use with PDO::execute

(int) Db::insert($table,$params=array(),$update_if_exists=false)

Insert into a table with given parameters

When $update_if_exists is set to TRUE it will perform an INSERT OR UPDATE query.

(bool) Db::update($table,$keys=array(),$params=array())

Updates a record in the database

  • $table The table to be updates
  • $keys Pairs compatible with prepWhere
  • $params Array of name=>value pairs to update with

(result) Db::fetch($stmt,$params=array(),$throw_exception=Db::NO_EXCEPTIONS,$except_code=null,$flatten=Db::NO_FLATTEN)

Fetches a single row from a query and returns the result

  • $stmt The SQL query
  • $params Parameters to be bound to the query
  • $throw_exception When set to Db::EXCEPTIONS will throw an exception on result not found
  • $except_cde Code to be throw with the exception
  • $flatten When set to Db::FLATTEN will return an array of values from a specific column

(array result) Db::fetchAll($stmt,$params=array(),$throw_exception=Db::NO_EXCEPTIONS,$except_code=null,$flatten=Db::NO_FLATTEN)

Same as fetch but returns all results in an array