Opencontent Webhook Server

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1.2.2 2021-11-06 07:21 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-06 07:21:49 UTC


A webhook is a way to provide information to another app about a particular event. The way the two apps communicate is with a simple HTTP request.

This eZPublish legacy extension allows you to configure and send webhooks easily.


  • Require package composer require opencontent/ocwebhookserver-ls
  • Enable extension in site.ini
  • Regenerate autoloads and clear cache
  • Create your webhook in /webhook/list
  • Run the worker php extension/ocwebhookserver/bin/php/worker.php

Default trigger

A post publish trigger is available: to activate it, you need to configure the workflow 'Post publish webhook' in content/after trigger

Create new trigger

To add your own trigger:

  • create a OCWebHookTriggerInterface implementation
  • configure it in webhook.ini [TriggersSettings]TriggerList
  • put in your code the event trigger method

see for example eventtypes/event/workflowwebhook/workflowwebhooktype.php


  • trigger filter configurations
  • payload configurations
  • worker evolutions