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3.1 2019-04-09 08:38 UTC


Convert your ezbinary pdf files in a flash-based flip book.


  • eZP >= 4.X or 5.X (when running the Legacy Stack only) with ImageMagick
  • pdftk
  • Gosthscript


Enable the extension; clear all caches.

Add the ezflip cron php runcronjobs.php -s<siteaccess> ezflip to your crontab

How to make a pdf flippable

If the current node has an ezbinarytype attribute and hit content is a pdf file, you will see a small book icon in the website toolbar. From website toolbar press the 'book' icon and follow the instructions. The cronjob will make the file flippable.


This extension uses an old Open Source version of third part software MegaZine3 (version 1.38): keep in mind that there will be no bug fixes, enhancements or faq any longer.