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Definitions and implementations of exchanges in Openclerk

0.1.0 2017-09-11 07:36 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-14 08:50:55 UTC


A library for accessing live exchange market data for many different exchanges, used by Openclerk and live on CryptFolio.

This extends on the abstract currency definitions provided by openclerk/currencies.


Include openclerk/exchanges as a requirement in your project composer.json, and run composer update to install it into your project:

  "require": {
    "openclerk/exchanges": "dev-master"


Get the markets supported by an exchanges:

use \Monolog\Logger;

$logger = new Logger("log");

$exchange = new \Exchange\BTCe();

Get the current trade values for an exchange market, which will always include at least last_trade, and may include bid, ask, high, low, volume, avg and/or vwap:

$exchange = new \Exchange\BitNZ();
print_r($exchange->fetchRates('nzd', 'btc', $logger));


Each exchange comes with a suite of tests to check each associated service.

composer install

To run the tests for a single exchange:

vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap "vendor/autoload.php" test/CoinbaseTest

To get debug output for the tests (such as CURL requests and decoded output), add the --debug switch to your vendor/bin/phpunit command.


Donations are appreciated.


Pull requests that contribute new exchanges are welcome.

For new currencies, make sure that you also provide an associated CurrencyTest so that the currency is automatically testable.


  1. Generate README list of currencies/services automatically
  2. Link to live APIs on CryptFolio
  3. CI build server and link to test results