PayPal SDK for ExpressCheckout and AdaptivePayments. Supports recurring payments, simple payments, parallel payments and chained payments.

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PayPal SDK for ExpressCheckout and Adaptive Payments.

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  • recurring payments
  • simple payments
  • parallel payments
  • chained payments

You could use this library in your project by running:

php composer.phar install

Learn more about Composer.


Here is a simple usage example performing a payment with ExpressCheckout:

// Get a Payment instance using the ExpressCheckout driver
$payment = OpenBuildings\PayPal\Payment::instance('ExpressCheckout');

// Set the order
    'items_price' => 10,
    'shipping_price' => 3,
    'total_price' => 13

// Set additional params needed for ExpressCheckout

// Send a SetExpressCheckout API call
$response = $payment->set_express_checkout();

// Finish the payment with the token and the payer id received.
$payment->do_express_checkout_payment($response['TOKEN'], $response['PAYERID']);



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Licensed under BSD-3-Clause open-source license.

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