There is no license information available for the latest version (2.1.2) of this package.

Amos Moodle

2.1.2 2023-05-23 11:22 UTC


Plugin description

Moodle integration

Copy the directory MoodlePlugin/open20integration into ${MOODLE_INSTALLATION_PATH}/local/. and access the moodle administration area to run the configuration wizard.


Add Moodle requirement in your composer.json

"open20/amos-moodle": "dev-master",

Enable the Moodle module in backend/config/modules-amos.php

'moodle' => [
	'class' => 'open20\amos\moodle\AmosMoodle',

Add Moodle migrations to console modules console/config/migrations-amos.php


Add Moodle bootstrap definition to backend/config/bootstrap.php

if (isset($modules['moodle'])) {
	$bootstrap[] = 'open20\amos\moodle\bootstrap\EventRoleUser';

Required fields

'moodle' => [
	'class' => 'open20\amos\moodle\AmosMoodle',	
	'moodleUrl' => '',
	'moodleAdministratorToken' => '1234567890987654321',
    'moodleOpen20baseRoleId' => 123,
	'secretKey' => 'secret-key',
	'adminUsername' => 'admin-username',
  • moodleUrl - string, required The main URL of the Moodle platform you want to connect with.

  • moodleAdministratorToken - string, required The administrative token for Moodle WebServices authentication. Must be generated manually from the Moodle platform by an administrative user.

  • moodleOpen20baseRoleId - int, required The ID of a new "open20base" role to be created on the Moodle platform. This role must have the moodle/webservice:createtoken permission and must be associated to the "System" context.

  • secretKey - string, required The secret key used to authenticate Moodle callbacks against the Open 2.0 platform. Must be identical to the secret key configured within the Open 2.0 Integration plugin installed on the Moodle platform.

  • adminUsername - string, required The username of an active Open 2.0 user with Moodle Administrator role. The new communities created for each Moodle Course will be owned by this user.

Add themes to view in backend/config/components-amos.php view entry should be:

'view' => [
    'class' => 'open20\amos\core\components\AmosView',
	'theme' => [
    	'pathMap' => [
            '@vendor/open20/amos-community/src/views' => '@vendor/open20/amos-moodle/src/views/community',