An override of FosUserBundle to provide authentication on Open Orchestra


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Usage with mongo db

To use the open-orchestra-user-bundle you should also activate and configure the FosUserBundle

Configuration :

        db_driver: mongodb
        firewall_name: main
        user_class: %user_class%
            group_class: %group_class%

In this configuration you can choose a parameter :

  • user_class : either your own user class or OpenOrchestra\UserBundle\Document\User
  • `group_class : either :
    • Your own group class
    • If you use the open-orchestra-cms-bundle : OpenOrchestra\GroupBundle\Document\Group
    • If you use only the open-orchestra-user-bundle : OpenOrchestra\UserBundle\Document\Group

Usage with another database

To use the open-orchestra-user-bundle with another database, you should :

  • follow the FosUserBundle documentation on how to use the database
  • Create your own user class, and configure the bundle with the correct parameters