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Yii 2 + Vue.js + Onsen-UI Project Template

This is a skeleton Onsen UI and Vue.js application integrated with Yii 2 as a backend and view fallback.

The template was built using vue-cli 3, has Vuex, on Vue-router support and contains examples of using Onsen UI with Vue.js and Yii2, with the ability to rapidly develop a native looking ajax powered app with CSRF enabled.

Assets management is done via npm.


  assets/             contains assets definition
  commands/           contains console commands (controllers)
  config/             contains application configurations
  controllers/        contains Web controller classes
  mail/               contains view files for e-mails
  models/             contains model classes
  modules/            contains application modules
  node_modules        contains npm packages
  runtime/            contains files generated during runtime
  vue-app/            contains the onsen-ui and vue.js templates
  tests/              contains various tests for the basic application
  vendor/             contains dependent 3rd-party packages
  views/              contains view files for the Web application
  web/                contains the entry script and Web resources


  • Development

The minimum requirement is that your Web server supports PHP 7.1.0. and you have node.js, yarn, vue-cli3 and composer installed

If you do not have Node.js installed you can install it by following the instructions

If you do not have Yarn installed you can install it by following the instructions

If you do not have vue-cli installed you may follow the instruction here

If you do not have Composer, you may install it by following the instructions at getcomposer.org.

  • Production

The minimum requirement is that your Web server supports PHP 7.1.0.


  • Install via Composer

You can install this project template using the following command:

    php composer create-project --prefer-dist --stability=dev onyijne/ovy ovy

Then cd ovy/vue-app and run yarn install

Now you should be able to access the application through the following URL, assuming ovy is the directory directly under the Web root. NEVER TRY THIS IN PRODUCTION

To populate assets use `yarn dev` during developement and `yarn build` for production


Please, check the Yii 2 Basic Project Template and Vue.js configuration sections.

You would also need to edit certain values in vue.config.js file like outputDir and devServer.proxy.target and in store/state.js file like baseApiUrl.dev & baseApiUrl.prod USE IGNITO MODE DURING DEVELOPMENT TO AVOID CACHING ISSUE

You might want to adjust some values in the manifest.json file when in production


You can run console command to get a basic vue.js template for your components

php yii make/template --path=app/pages/TestComponent.vue

It will create a file TestComponent.vue with the following content

         export default {
           data() {
             return {
         mounted: function () {
         methods: {
         watch: {


Contributions are welcome and will be fully credited.