Symfony bundle to build forms with Onlinq Form Collection web components

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Symfony bundle to build forms with Onlinq Form Collection web components.

It allows form collections to be manipulated through JavaScript and customizable buttons.


Onlinq Form Collection Bundle requires PHP 7.2+ and Symfony 4.4+.

Install this bundle using Composer and Symfony Flex:

composer require onlinq/form-collection-bundle

The easiest way to enable the Onlinq Form Collection web components in forms is by adding one of the built-in form themes to the project's Twig configuration:

# config/packages/twig.yaml

        - '@OnlinqFormCollection/collection_theme.html.twig'

Make sure to add the Onlinq Form Collection script to pages with forms through a JavaScript bundler or by including it at the bottom of your page with:

<script src="{{ asset('bundles/onlinqformcollection/onlinq-collection.js') }}"></script>

Read on to start using the bundle immediately or visit the documentation.


The Onlinq Form Collection web components are enabled when a compatible form theme has been loaded. The easiest way to configure the resulting form collection is by using the built-in form type that can be used as a drop-in replacement for the Symfony CollectionType class:

// ...
use Onlinq\FormCollectionBundle\Form\OnlinqCollectionType;

class TaskType extends AbstractType
    public function buildForm(FormBuilderInterface $builder, array $options)
            // ...
            ->add('tags', OnlinqCollectionType::class, [
                'entry_type' => TagType::class,
                'entry_options' => ['label' => false],
                'allow_add' => true,
                'allow_delete' => true,
                'allow_move' => true,
            // ...

    // ...

Built-in form themes

The bundle includes multiple built-in form themes to make collections look great without having to create your own styling:

  • @OnlinqFormCollection/collection_theme.html.twig
  • @OnlinqFormCollection/bootstrap_collection_theme.html.twig

Learn more about the built-in form themes in the documentation.

Using a JavaScript bundler

When using a bundler like Webpack it's possible to include the Onlinq Form Collection web components through the compiled JavaScript bundle.

Install the Onlinq Form Collection web components package:

npm install @onlinq/form-collection

Import the package in the project's JavaScript assets:

// assets/js/app.js

import '@onlinq/form-collection';