Job Queue Manager: high performance, high volume, persistent, fault tolerant. 100% PHP/MongoDB, 100% Awesome

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dev-master 2018-02-14 10:16 UTC


This is a work in progress not ready to be used or seen. This work is sponsored by Onebip


It's a Job Queue Manager built with PHP meant to be used in PHP projects. Features and characteristics:

  • Jobs are made persistent on MongoDB
  • Jobs are retriable with complex and customizable strategies
  • Multiple queues are supported through tagging
  • Jobs are stored by default in an history collection for after the fact inspection and analytics
  • Built to be robust, scalable and fault tolerant


Onebip is a payment system (think PayPal with mobile devices in place of credit cards), things like: payment notifications, subscription renewals, remainder messages, … are really important. You cannot skip or lose a job (notification are idempotent but payments are not). You cannot forgot to have completed a job (customer/merchant support must have data to do their job). You need to know if and when you can retry a failed job (external services have rate limits and are based on agreements/contracts). We have developed internally our job/queue solution called Recruiter. After a year in production and many billions of jobs we have decided to put what we have learned into a stand alone project and to make it available to everyone.