Laravel 9 package to generate authentication headers for Modulr Finance

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Laravel package to generate authentication headers for Modulr Finance


PHP 8.0+ and Composer are required.

To get the latest version of Laravel Modulr Auth, simply require it

composer require oluwatobiakanji/laravel-modulr-auth

Or add the following line to the require block of your composer.json file.

"oluwatobiakanji/laravel-modulr-auth": "^1.0.0"

You'll then need to run composer install or composer update to download it and have the autoloader updated.

By default, the ModulrAuthServiceProvider service provider will get registered automatically in config/app.php. However, to manually register the serivce provider, add the following to the providers key.

'providers' => [

Also, register the Facade as:

'aliases' => [
    'AuthHeader' => OluwatobiAkanji\ModulrAuth\Facades\AuthHeader::class,


The Laravel modulr auth package comes with a configuration file for the API key and secret provided by Modulr Finance. Also, the base URL and routes for accessing Modulr Finance (either sandbox or live) can be configured here.

Publish Configuration as

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=modulr-config

A configuration-file named modulr.php will be placed in theconfig directory:


return [
     * API key From Modulr
    'key' => env('MODULR_API_KEY'),

     * API secret From Modulr
    'secret' => env('MODULR_API_SECRET'),

     * Modulr API base url
    'base_url' => env('MODULR_BASE_URL', 'https://api-sandbox.modulrfinance.com'),

     * Modulr live base route
    'live_base_route' => env('MODULR_LIVE_BASE_ROUTE'),

     * Modulr sandbox base route
    'local_base_route' => env('MODULR_LOCAL_BASE_ROUTE', '/api-sandbox'),

Add the following environment variables to the .env file of the project



The AuthHeader is to be accessed via the facade OluwatobiAkanji\ModulrAuth\Facades\AuthHeader.

In a class, import the facade as: use OluwatobiAkanji\ModulrAuth\Facades\AuthHeader

Then use the facade to access these methods:

  • getHeaders as AuthHeader::getHeaders() or AuthHeader::getHeaders("nonce_value", "timestamp_value")
  • setNonce as AuthHeader::setNonce("nonce_value")
  • setTimestamp as AuthHeader::setTimestamp("timestamp_value")


Please feel free to fork this package and contribute by submitting a pull request to enhance the functionalities.

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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information