Site generator / tree model duplicator used to generate mini-website or duplicate tree model

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3.1.0 2023-11-10 17:52 UTC

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With this backend extension, you can very easily create min-website or duplicate tree, it will automatically create associated BE/FE groups, create directories with associated files mount, add domain name and site configuration, update Typoscript configuration (folders/pages ID and TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd), update slugs. Based on State Design Pattern, it is highly customizable : you can remove unnecessary states and add your own states to fit your own needs.


  • Based on extbase & fluid, implementing best practices from TYPO3 CMS
  • Based on State Design Pattern
  • Highly customizable to fit your own needs
  • Use multiple models
  • You can specify many pages to call the wizard


Installation using Composer

The recommended way to install the extension is by using Composer. In your Composer based TYPO3 project root, just do :

composer require oktopuce/site-generator

Installation as extension from TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER)

Download and install the extension with the extension manager module.

Minimal setup

  1. Install the extension
  2. Create your model and a root page for site generation
  3. Within extension configuration, set 'Models Pid' and 'Sites Pid'
  4. Then you can call the wizard on 'Sites Pid' pages

Reporting bugs / Contributions

Anyone is welcome to contribute to Site Generator.

There are various ways you can contribute:

  • Raise an issue on GitHub.
  • Send me a Pull Request with your bug fixes and/or new features.
  • Bugfixes: Please describe what kind of bug your fix solve and give us feedback how to reproduce the issue. I'm going to accept only bugfixes if I can reproduce the issue.