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Octave is a lightweight open source CMS and website development tool. It is built on top of popular tools you already know and love: Symfony PHP framework, Sonata Project, and Doctrine ORM. Octave comes with a set of predefined controllers and reusable features (learn more about them in the Developer's guide) to enable seamless integration into any kind of project. While Octave CMS has native website-building components, you are welcome to combine standard Symfony web-application development approach with Octave's. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to control website structure and page functions makes everyday content management tasks easier. The synergy between the systems allows for customization while keeping web development and content maintenance hassle-free.

Key benefits to website editor:

  • drag-and-drop to manage website structure
  • drag-and-drop to create web pages from collection of features
  • media library
  • content versions
  • customizable user roles

Key benefits to developer:

  • out-of-the-box controllers and editors for creating new website features in a matter of minutes
  • adding new features to web pages without writing a single of code
  • focus on development, not content management
  • start building new features right away — no excess learning required


If this is your first experience with Octave CMS, we suggest you install our demo site to become familiar with the tool. Then you may want to create your first project following the guides below.